Creating a Transgender Affirming Place of Business


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Business and Non-Profit Trainings

We offer full service personnel training on creating a respectful workplace, including coworker to coworker interactions, employee customer interactions, and employee HR interactions. Create a workplace that is respectful of transgender people!

Manager and Employee Training
Trans Safe Workspace
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We have sliding scale pricing and discounts for non-profit and educational organizations. Contact us for more information.

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Jay StockLynn is a public speaker and educator working primarily in creating trans and gender non-conforming affirming workplace and community spaces. His ten years experience volunteering for environmental and social causes supply him with a rich bank of practice in leading teams to create positive change in their immediate surroundings. He is proud to be a part of co-created and and presenting the curriculum for a Trans Affirming Workplace at New Seasons's Market. Jay is also helping educate doctors and surgeons at OHSU through Amy Penkin's Transgender Health Program. 

Together, Kriya and Jay want to offer trans
affirming training opportunities to others who
will benefit from it. 

Kriya Sadhana is an educator and curriculum developer, working to create an LGBTQ friendly and trans affirming workplaces, schools, and community spaces. Kriya is currently a student at OSU, working towards a degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a focus on Queer and Trans studies. 

As someone who experienced discrimination throughout their life, they understand the importance of education. They have taught over fifty classes for New Seasons Market, and were recognized by Basic Rights Oregon in April 2016.


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“The topic was presented with warmth and humor so it was easy to learn and participate. I appreciate the candor and courage.”

— New Seasons Market Employee

“The best part of this session was the perspective of lived experience from the speaker. Their stories make the information more memorable/real.”

— OHSU Employee

“You have refined your process to perfection -

absolutely everyone agreed that the trainers of this course were the best of the best! Your presentation was well received here at store support and we appreciate you taking the time to continue to grow and educate the staff. Thank you for all you do!”

— New Seasons Market Employee



Everyone deserves to feel safe. Let's talk about how we can help you make that happen. Are you a non-profit or education organization? Ask us about our sliding scale pricing!


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